Friday, May 29, 2009

Cheap access to information

In the last couple of weeks or so I have seen a huge increase in my access to information. Firstly, I subscribed for a second time to the Economist (currently they are sporting a 3 out of 4 issues delivered record), I found out that the Book Depository is quite cheap, but I also found some other great opportunities. Firstly, Népszabadság, one of the biggest Hungarian dailies keeps giving me free one-month subscriptions; moreover, the International Herald Tribune is also offering a free one-month subcription (no strings attached, as opposed to e.g. the Guardian Weekly's offer, where you have to subscribe for real and than cancel after your first 4 issues). Finally, the United States Army War College is willing to ship its publications on security studies to your home.
Now, I have cheaper and free access to contemporary information, studies and books, what remains is to find a service that ships DVD's with low or without shipping costs to Hungary...

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