Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eurovision: Ireland in the make-the-world-better bussiness

Ireland seems to make the world better by choosing songs as their Eurovision entry, that promote peace, understanding and genuinely making the world better.
This year they are singing about international tolerance, as the whole Europe (and the World) sings together: the Iron Curtain has been raised, the Berlin wall has been razed, the Cold War is over, the whole continent can sing together no matter what may come, as they can't stop the spring.

Actually I was planning to continue the list with their 2006 entry, but actually I was confusing it with Switzerland's:

A very moving song indeed, it speaks for itself.
Now it seems, that Ireland was more into love songs in the previous years... so you cannot monopolise saving the world, we all have to be part of it, and it helps if China and the US are on our side while we struggle to make it happen..

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yet another I'm a Mac movie

This time with a Nintendo Wii and a PS3. Not really funny, but the Wii is hot :)
Today I'm having a discover YouTube day...

Are you blogging this?

It was time to upload this blog of mine as well, though it doesn't such good standings in search results as my Hungarian does (big fish in a small pond, or more likely links to it from my Wikipedia userpage and NCurse's Hungarian blog help).
Anyway, I plan on updating this blog as well over time... until then enjoy this video of Web2.0 websites; to mention just one part of it, the singer totally shares my approach to the unknown: look it up on Wikipedia :) .

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The end of the world as we know it

The End - For more funny movies, click here
This video needs no comment, I must say the music is also awesome.
Also this little clip reminds me of Jericho, but my favourite director Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove is interesting too.
I wanted to reccomend a book about a matriarchal society of survivors of WWIII, but unfortunately it seems not to have been translated into English (on a side-note it was my aunt who translated it into Hungarian). Anyway, if you speak foreign languages check out the books of Thea Beckman.
(Video found on

Hungarian goulash and Numb3rs

I was so happy when I heard at the end of the last episode of Numb3rs, that Charlie would be cooking Hungarian goulash. I think there were references to Hungarian scientist before in the show (Neumann was mentioned I believe).
I am always happy if there are references to Hungary, even if they are just crazy mistakes, like when in a film a Hungarian flag with the coat of arms was put on a medieval castle in England...
Anyway just wanted to share my joy with you :-), if you find any more references to Hungary, just send it my way and let me know!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Shakespeare Code

The new episode of Doctor Who, is just infinite fun. Medieval England, Globe theatre and London of the time with costumes and everything. Add to the mix witches, and of course tons of Shakespeare references to plays that W. S. is yet to write (after 1599) and him commenting on his own yet unwritten phrases that he might use them. Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up that this is still a great series with imaginative and well done and well researched episodes, a good cast (I also like the new companion). Don't forget to browse through the BBC website for a behind the scenes commentary and video podcast.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Please save Studio 60

We interrupt this program, to bring you a public service announcement:

This is a very good series, please don't let it go into the gutters, because of low ratings. NBC might not renew it because not enough people in the US has watched it, it's time to redeem yourselves, show your support:
Watch it on iTunes, write to your senator or congressman, call your local affiliate, organise demonstrations, or watch the last three episodes of the first season once they come back from the brake they're having, after being pulled from air due to low ratings.
I hope its not too late, NBC save this show, and in time I'll repay you, by watching it here in Hungary and later I might buy the DVDs.
And now we return to our regular service...

The Riches

The Riches is a fun new series about a gypsy family living the life of a Desperate Housewives family. Or at least they are trying, they have to find out whose identity they have stolen, and in every way they have to watch out for their pasts (as in their left behind gypsy family and the past of the deceased couple whose lives they have taken over).
As one would expect from such a series every episode introduces some new complications which they have to deal with. I think most of the cast are nice, the daughter looks beautiful (don't judge her by the picture above...), and the male actors are okay too. On the other hand I don't like the mother's accent, its too strange for me, and is like a constant reminder of the families true roots...
Also I am a bit worried about the darker tones of the show, as in the last minutes the wife's breasts were groped by one of the neighbours (also Doug, the husband's boss), after he found her in the bathroom getting high at a party. I fear that this may lead to further blackmailing, and whats more troublesome: rape...I will continue watching the show, but I sure hope that they will find the right balance, and this will be a one-off event that's to be solved by the family (or at least with the husband) and by the wife alone, she already has enough to deal with, with her addiction.
Anyway, for now, I strongly recommend this show!

Presidents go awry on 24

In every series of 24 there is some issue with the president. They're weak, dead, in a coma, removed from office, put back in office, forcing themselves into office or just plain crazy, egomaniac or traitors. This season we have seen the egomaniac variety who would launch a nuclear strike against an unspecified country in retaliation to a nuclear strike that hasn't happened. He is stopped in the last minute by the good president (the egomaniac being just temporarily in office while the real one recovers from being blown up), and after the usual power struggle, with the legal twists and the blackmailed aid blackmailing the vice-president cements the real president into power. He of course is not as well as he seems nor physically, nor mentally as it would seem, as he launches the previously averted nuclear strike in the last minute. I sure hope so, that before detonation it will be redirected into the sea, but with 24 you can never tell, as they have to come up with more and more brutal and horrific storylines if they wanna extend the series into 9 seasons.


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