Saturday, June 6, 2009

Installing Ubuntu over and over again

For the past month every so often I played with Ubuntu by using the CD-on-a-stick and the Wubi solutions and finally I actually installed it on a dedicated partition. The one feature that has seen countless repetition in my short acquaintance with Ubuntu has been the installation and numerous reinstallation part. Fortunately I am getting better and better at it. Although reinstalling can be done quite easily on a clean system (delete partition, reinstall system in under 40 minutes) I would very much like a "restore system to the state of installation".

The main reasons Ubuntu has failed me have been its update manager, graphics and the installer itself.

A couple of years ago my first encounter with the autoupdater has been the occasion when after a restart there would simply be no graphic interface any more, very user friendly... My latest problems with the updater are still connected to graphics: at one time (I guess, after an update, but didn't reoccur yet) the screen would randomly flicker; most recently the update manager froze while updating an application that I have never used, and might never will. Naively, I killed the frozen update manager which has resulted in strange but unexpected results: after logging out and logging in the themeset was different, more exotic (although the system wasn't very operational which was accentuated with the fact that the graphical interface would not load upon rebooting).

A more frightening instance I had to take measures against a fresh Ubuntu install was when the installer froze at 97% completion. The good news is that the other partitions were not corrupted and even better is that the bootloader, grub works as it should and doesn't multiply the number of available OS's (as opposed to the expected behaviour of adding a new "Ubuntu" option next to the existing ones every time I reinstall Ubuntu -- at the current frequency this allows me some time to figure out how to remove grub once I decide to deinstall Ubuntu).

Today, after close to half a dozen installations I figured out how to enable the Wifi LED on my Acer Aspire One (with some help) although I still don't have a definite idea what the second LED is for (marked as number 8 on the image). Also, on the Netbook Remix edition, I discovered that the launcher actually has a translucent background, so if you set a background image, it will shine through (see image at the top).

The reason I am so resilient is that there are some very nice features in Ubuntu that interest me, but at the current rate of rei nstalling I am not ready to make the switch final (one of the biggest obstacles would be gettint used to the interface of and the lack of some Windows fonts).

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