Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Riches

The Riches is a fun new series about a gypsy family living the life of a Desperate Housewives family. Or at least they are trying, they have to find out whose identity they have stolen, and in every way they have to watch out for their pasts (as in their left behind gypsy family and the past of the deceased couple whose lives they have taken over).
As one would expect from such a series every episode introduces some new complications which they have to deal with. I think most of the cast are nice, the daughter looks beautiful (don't judge her by the picture above...), and the male actors are okay too. On the other hand I don't like the mother's accent, its too strange for me, and is like a constant reminder of the families true roots...
Also I am a bit worried about the darker tones of the show, as in the last minutes the wife's breasts were groped by one of the neighbours (also Doug, the husband's boss), after he found her in the bathroom getting high at a party. I fear that this may lead to further blackmailing, and whats more troublesome: rape...I will continue watching the show, but I sure hope that they will find the right balance, and this will be a one-off event that's to be solved by the family (or at least with the husband) and by the wife alone, she already has enough to deal with, with her addiction.
Anyway, for now, I strongly recommend this show!

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