Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eurovision: Ireland in the make-the-world-better bussiness

Ireland seems to make the world better by choosing songs as their Eurovision entry, that promote peace, understanding and genuinely making the world better.
This year they are singing about international tolerance, as the whole Europe (and the World) sings together: the Iron Curtain has been raised, the Berlin wall has been razed, the Cold War is over, the whole continent can sing together no matter what may come, as they can't stop the spring.

Actually I was planning to continue the list with their 2006 entry, but actually I was confusing it with Switzerland's:

A very moving song indeed, it speaks for itself.
Now it seems, that Ireland was more into love songs in the previous years... so you cannot monopolise saving the world, we all have to be part of it, and it helps if China and the US are on our side while we struggle to make it happen..

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