Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Presidents go awry on 24

In every series of 24 there is some issue with the president. They're weak, dead, in a coma, removed from office, put back in office, forcing themselves into office or just plain crazy, egomaniac or traitors. This season we have seen the egomaniac variety who would launch a nuclear strike against an unspecified country in retaliation to a nuclear strike that hasn't happened. He is stopped in the last minute by the good president (the egomaniac being just temporarily in office while the real one recovers from being blown up), and after the usual power struggle, with the legal twists and the blackmailed aid blackmailing the vice-president cements the real president into power. He of course is not as well as he seems nor physically, nor mentally as it would seem, as he launches the previously averted nuclear strike in the last minute. I sure hope so, that before detonation it will be redirected into the sea, but with 24 you can never tell, as they have to come up with more and more brutal and horrific storylines if they wanna extend the series into 9 seasons.

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