Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Please save Studio 60

We interrupt this program, to bring you a public service announcement:

This is a very good series, please don't let it go into the gutters, because of low ratings. NBC might not renew it because not enough people in the US has watched it, it's time to redeem yourselves, show your support:
Watch it on iTunes, write to your senator or congressman, call your local affiliate, organise demonstrations, or watch the last three episodes of the first season once they come back from the brake they're having, after being pulled from air due to low ratings.
I hope its not too late, NBC save this show, and in time I'll repay you, by watching it here in Hungary and later I might buy the DVDs.
And now we return to our regular service...


  1. This is one of the very few shows that I do watch regularly.

    There was a point when it became a tad too cheesy for my tastes, but recently they bounced back.

  2. It's a shame, it couldn't exhaust all the potential in it. I will always remember it dearly...
    Unfortunately, it isn't the first series that was cancelled before its potential due to low ratings, or a financial decision.